Friday, July 19, 2024

Pine trees can tell if it’s about to rain. Next time you see a pine cone, take a close look. If it’s closed, that’s because the air is humid, which can indicate rain is on its way.

Image Courtesy – Gardener’s Path | Powered By – ScienceFocus


Your brain burns 400-500 calories a day.

Electrons might live forever. Scientists have estimated the minimum lifetime of the electron is about 6.6 × 10^28 years – this is 66,000 ‘yottayears’.

You can see stars as they were 4,000 years ago with the naked eye. Without a telescope, all the stars we can see lie within about 4,000 light-years of us. That means at most you’re seeing stars as they were 4,000 years ago, around when the pyramids were being built in Egypt.


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