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A Disastrous Change

Written By Yashvardhan Didwania (Grade 8)

Can people change? That is a really a controversial topic. But the one thing that everyone has observed during the horrendous year of 2020 is change. Change in lifestyle, change in behaviour, change in environment, and change in what not.

The most observed change is in us, humans. Many of us have become introverted creatures from social creatures. After staying at home for 11 months the individual would definitely become an introvert because staying at home has made him lose connection with others. We have lost many loved ones during the pandemic for not only Covid-19. This would be the first time in history that a pandemic like this has happened. We have become more solo now. Even though staying at home has negative effects it also had positive effects. The family members who live together have bonded more in the lockdown.

Many people have changed completely. They have gone into depression and anxiety. Trust me, going in that is not fun. And some people have become more cheerful and have got newer ideas to help heal the world from the work of man. Before the pandemic, an average of 144,062 terrorist attacks took place each year but this year it has fallen drastically. We have changed a lot. The environment is one of the biggest things in nature that has changed. Recently during the pandemic scientists observed that the ozone layer which was depleting is now recovering due to the sudden lowing of pollution. Because of Covid-19, we are now more than ever dependent on our phones, the internet, and all types of operating systems. There is an increase of 40% of online shopping than manual shopping all over the world.

And as we have stayed in our homes all the time our health is now better than ever because the bacteria outside our home have not entered us. So, it’s not that the doctors are lucky because there are a lot more patients due to Covid-19. Even they have to risk their lives, not 1, not 2 but 24 hours to help us from Covid-19. Now even when the pandemic ends many offices will remain virtual as the rental cost of the office building can be relieved as they won’t need the buildings anymore. All countries will have an economic and scientific back-fall after Covid-19 is resolved.

The world will not be the same after the pandemic. The employment opportunities will also harshly decrease as during the pandemic machines will overtake the humans. Television will also become an important part of our life. We have changed internally as well. Our immune system won’t be strong enough now to face those harmful bacteria in the open air. The animals who have smelt freedom without humans chasing them off will have a hard time staying restrained or hidden in the jungle from the apex predators, which by the way are us, humans. When the normal workdays or school days will start back the family will miss each other more as they have been united together for nearly a year without separating which will be hard.

So, in conclusion, the world will become a tough place to live after the mighty pandemic would be absent.

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Yashvardhan Didwania
Yashvardhan Didwania
Hi! I am Yashvardhan Didwania. I personally love art (especially canvas), love reading books by Rick Riordan, and my favourite sport is swimming.


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