Monday, December 4, 2023

A Free You, A Free Me

Written By Ayanna Raj (Grade 8)

A free you, a free me

That’s the way it should be!

All of us are completely free

But what does that mean for you and me??

For some, doing away with slavery

Is the real meaning of liberty

For some, speaking their mind

Is the best freedom they can find

Some feel that a free nation

Is one with no discrimination

For some, it is the freedom to choose

To love, to marry or to lose

But for me, freedom is that power

That lets me be ‘me’ at any hour

Be ‘me’ when I want to sing or dance

Be ‘me’ when I want to dream or take a stance.

Be ‘me’ when I want to paint or sow

Be all of me and so much more.

Featured Image Courtesy – Peak Chiropractic

Ayanna Raj
Ayanna Raj
Hi! I am a 13-year-old book enthusiast. I enjoy television series, movies and adventures. My passion is elocution and I like to think that I'm fairly good at it.


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