Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A House Is Not A Home

Written By Anshul Sheth (Grade 8)

“A house is not a home”- Hal David,1964.

Home. A place where you live, eat and enjoy your time alone as well as with your loved ones. A home is full of memories. Every dinner argument or fight with your siblings just makes you love them more. You may not realise it in the start, but in the end, you can always count on people you love to have your back. Amongst this pandemic, the term “home” was something special. It was hope for us that this pandemic was not the end. But “home” isn’t provided, for everyone. Millions of people around the world are jobless, and they have no backup resources to help them. But guess what? They still strive. They don’t lose hope. Because even without a roof on their head they will continue to find ways of providing for themselves. So, every time your internet is down, or you are angry at your parents for not letting you order food, try not to complain. Even your parents are trying their best to help you. Don’t irritate your teachers during online school, because you never know what’s going on in their lives. Be kind to your workers, and all those helping you. Be kind to the watchman who walked 5 miles to ensure that your building was protected. Be kind to your maid who had to catch three separate busses just so your table was clean. Adjust a little. Not much is asked of you. Your forefathers had to fight wars while you’re getting an easy life of lazing around. All I’m saying is, you are not the only one living through this pandemic and some others have had it much worse than you.

Featured Image Courtesy – House Beautiful

Anshul Sheth
Anshul Sheth
Hey, I’m Anshul. I like robotics which is what I’m doing currently from home. I also love playing football and video games with my friends.


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