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A Land Of Wonder – The Moon

Written By Srinjoy Mitra (Grade 10)

“This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong.

The splendour and exquisiteness of the moon attract the entire humankind to a great extent. My teachers offered me a couple of exemplified daily supplements which contained descriptions of few American and European cosmonauts and my companions were overwhelmed and exuberant to hear that NASA had selected me for my first landing on the moon. When I reached the USA, I was delighted to see a gigantic spacecraft and inside it was intense lavishness and great convenience. My stomach was tingling with innumerable feelings. Although there was ecstasy, I felt butterflies in my stomach as well as a bit dejected to leave my parents. But undoubtedly, my joys overweighed my sorrows. 

There were electromagnetic controls, temperature controls and a pressurized cabin. There was enough provision for food for almost a month. There was also a gadget which would help me in transmitting messages back to Earth. I still remember the date. It was the 15th of September. After my medical checkup, I was launched into space at dawn. After the sudden blast, I could feel weightless the higher I went up. The speed increased tremendously. It was time that I take the controls. I soon realized my ship had moved out of the region of the gravitational pull of the Earth. When I came nearer to the moon, I moved my eyes towards the window. What a fabulous spectacle! The Moon seemed huge, hard and rocky and the earth appeared diminutive. It was a thrill and I soon found a suitable landing ground. 

The whole region appeared yellowish and whitish. At first, I remembered the amazing adventure of Apollo – 11 astronauts and I was jubilant as my ambition had turned true.  The night sky was hung with dazzling bright stars. It seemed that the sky was black ink across the sleeping world. The moon was, however, a spotlight in the sky, illuminating the night that embraced me with her arms. As I landed with my spacesuit and huge oxygen apparatus, I was mesmerized by the elegance around me. I felt I was a space hero. The only difficulty that I was undergoing through was the extreme temperature. The frosty air and the bitter cold seemed to cause excruciating torment. I had a ball and as I threw it afar, I noticed it soaring high. The low gravitational pull made me feel very athletic. A little effort on my part would make me jump to greater heights. And how could I forget capturing pictures? My recently acquired ‘Canon’ camera assisted me in capturing not only the beauty and attractiveness of the moon and the stars that surrounded me but also the tranquillity and serenity that seized my hands. I sent back signals to the Earth that I had reached and that I had accomplished my dream. The Earth was very far. ‘My well-wishers would be thinking about me! I thought. Suddenly a group of luminous comets flew over my forehead. I believed the fact that looking at it and wishing something would surely make my wish fulfilled. I wished to come to that spot with my friends and parents. As I carried enough water and food, I could control my excessive hunger and thirst. As my eyes fell at a distant place, I could catch a glimpse of huge rocky debris, cratered rocks and old highlands. There were deep craters scattered all over.  Altogether, it was immense fun. I stayed there alone for almost a week. On the eighth day, I waved goodbye to the moon and as soon as I stepped into the spacecraft, I could hear some regular angry words of my mother. I was lying on the bed and she was agitated because, in my sleep, I had crashed the crockery set on the table nearby. “How did my mother appear in the Moon?” I wondered. I soon realized that I was awake and the dream was over. However, the sweet memories of me landing on the moon remained fresh.    

Featured Image Courtesy – The Conversation

Srinjoy Mitra
Srinjoy Mitra
Being an ardent lover of books, I am fanatic about painting, writing short stories, poetry, playing the synthesizer, oratory, debates, elocution, anchoring shows, news reading, and most importantly drama and acting. On a national level, I have secured first positions in poetry writing, short story writing and painting competitions.


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