Monday, December 4, 2023

A Memorable Birthday

Written By Aadhya Bhatia (Grade 4)

I love talking. Mostly, I love talking about my birthday. Whenever there is any conversation about my birthday, I make sure that I listen carefully. Let me tell you about one such birthday of mine.

It was Sunday and it was my birthday. I woke up in the morning. I was filled with enthusiasm and excitement, till I asked my parents about the plans for my birthday. My mother said “We are having a simple birthday party at home.” I asked “Mumma, what do you mean by a simple birthday party?” I tried to force on the word ‘simple’. My father answered “Beta, simple birthday party means that your friends will come and you all can play your own games. We have not organized any magic show, puppet show or any other kind of recreational shows or games.” I walked straight to my room sadly and disappointed with the answer. 

It was time for my birthday party. I wore my blue jeans and denim shirt. When I walked into the hall of my house, my friends had already arrived. My friends and their parents wished me happy birthday and also said that I was looking just a like a beautiful princess. I ignored all. After seeing that there was no decoration done in my house, I asked my parents “Mumma, Papa, what’s this? There’s no decoration done till now and my friends have arrived.”  My father said “Princess, me and your mother were just joking. We are going to Lohagarh Farms, in a mini bus for your birthday.”

Soon, I was again filled with enthusiasm and excitement. I ran towards the mini bus which was just parked outside my house and sat inside it quickly. Then, one by one my friends, their mothers and my parents came inside and then soon we were off to Lohagarh Farms. 

When we reached there, I was very excited. There, we all did camel riding, visited the Haunted house, went to the wax museum and did many more things.

At lunch time, me and my friends’s mouth were filled with water when we saw my yummy, chocolaty birthday cake. After the cake was finally placed on the table, I pieced it and blew the candles. When I was just about to eat the chocolate rolls on top, my father moved the cake to another table. Everyone started controlling their laughter but when they could not control their laughter they burst out into laughter. I, after seeing them also started laughing.

After a few minutes, the lunch was placed just in front of us. The lunch included 2 pieces of pizza with cheese on top, 1 long piece of garlic bread with cheese sprinkled all over, some spicy chips, 2 brownies and 1 full glass of lemonade. “Yummilicious” said one of my friend. After we were finished with our lunch, 1 piece of cake was served to all except me. Because, I was the birthday girl, I was served 2 pieces of cake.

When we all were finished with our desert, we played on the swings and at last we danced on a Rajasthani song. Then we sat into our mini bus and came back to our homes. After all, it was A MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Good Housekeeping

Aadhya Bhatia
Aadhya Bhatia
I am Aadhya Bhatia. I am 9 years old. I study in Grade 5 in Amity International School, Noida. I love writing, reading and drawing. I also have a special interest in Maths. My teachers are my inspiration. I feel proud of myself, my family and my school.


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