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A Real Fighter – Nisha Lobo

Written By Kalpitaa Rajesh (Grade 10)

There is definitely nothing as puissant as a mother’s love. At the time of visit to an adoption centre 18 years ago, Dr Aloma and her husband David Lobo came to know of an infant abandoned because of a genetic disorder – ichthyosis. Her skin was scaly and thickened, she was visually-impaired in one eye and born without eyelids. So her eyes stayed wide open throughout, prone to injuries and bleeding. They chose to take Nisha home. They didn’t bother about the challenges they would have to face in raising her.

Initially, many questioned the couple as to why they are going for adoption when they are already biological parents to three sons and three daughters. But in no way their interrogations or comments stopped them from doing what they wanted. They were doubtful if the tiny girl would be able to do it. Her body temperature had to be regulated constantly and she had to be wrapped periodically and cautiously with creams and oils.

 And while a mother’s love is unrestricted, in a country like ours where stigma around differently-abled people is inestimable, Nisha faced innumerable obstacles. She fought everything that came through her way. Her confidence and unique cognizance of the world make her motivating. She has always had the bigger heart to forgive people for their ignorance but people would often make cavalier comments about how her condition was a sequel of the bad karma of her parents and others would treat her as though ichthyosis was transmissible.

The bond between the two was immediate. Over the years, Nisha not only grew up to be self-loving, she also learnt to spread joy and love to all the people around her. When this resilient woman was featured in the Vicks’ campaign, her astonishing story inspired the world.

The true explanation of motherhood is undoubtedly what Dr. Aloma showed us. I do agree on the fact that parents want healthy and active children, but children are children. Given the right guidance, tenderness and support, every child turns out to be the best version of themselves. Dr. Aloma and Mr. David Lobo have demonstrated it too well.What India needs to start addressing is how we handle children—the little human beings who are worthy of love, family and security. Judging them by only their ‘condition’ makes us all part of the communal collapse that denies them the identity of the person they all are.

Featured Image Courtesy – Timesnext

Kalpitaa Rajesh
Kalpitaa Rajesh
I'm an amateur artist and a writer too. I'm an avid reader. Getting to know about the peoples' stories inspires me a lot and that's something I'm fond of writing articles on. Meeting new people is one of my greatest joys. I am intrigued by biology. Learning new things brings me a lot of happiness.


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