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A Step into the Life of J.K Rowling

Written By Sanvi Sharma (Grade 8)

All throughout my childhood, I have several fond memories of reading JK Rowling’s books. Snuggled up in a cozy blanket with a creamy cup of hot chocolate, reading about exciting adventures and wizardry. After reading so many of her works, I was curious. So I got busy searching about who she was as a person, and not just as an author.

It stunned me by how much of a struggle her life had been. With constant ups and downs, she got through every adversity with hard work and perseverance.

When she had just started developing the manuscript of the world famous series, Harry Potter, her life turned upside down. Everything suddenly seemed to go very wrong. Her mother passed away due to multiple sclerosis. Just after that, her husband left her with child to raise all by herself. Fighting through these daily obstacles, she worked as an English teacher to provide for her little family. Even though she came close to failure, Joanne refused to give up on the life she deserved.

Today, she is one of the most successful writers out there. She has written and mesmerized children around the world with her mystical style of words. She is my role model because she has prompted generations to read even more. She is a strong and independent woman who has truly inspired us all.

She has taught me a very valuable life lesson – to never give up no matter what the circumstances; always be self-sufficient and build your own future. “You control your own life. Your own will is extremely powerful.” – JK Rowling. Her whimsical tales and entrancing writing has inspired me to write and someday be an author who people can always look up to. I want to be as determined and optimistic in difficult situations like her.

Featured Image Courtesy – JK Rowling’s Stories


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