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A Step Out of Your Life

Written By Avani Bhandari (Grade 8)

I was walking down the street and came across a beautiful and eye-catching diary. Its colour was a shade of light purple with attractive blue beads stuck on its border. I was truly mesmerized by its appearance and so, owing to my curiosity, I went down to pick it.

The moment I bent, I got sucked into the diary! My clothes changed from my blacktop and cream coloured pants to a light pink top with a green coloured shawl. From the waist down I was suddenly wearing a short skirt. My shoes looked dashing and my body had become exactly the way I would imagine a model’s to be! I’m not going to lie, I was loving my outfit. After finally taking my eyes off my clothing, I saw two boys approaching me. I was clueless about anything happening around me. They started calling me by a name I was somewhat familiar with, I just couldn’t recall who. They spoke to me and asked me what I had been up to. I gave a pretty vague answer and made an excuse to go to the washroom, in search of a mirror. The colour of my eyes had become blue! I had always wanted blue eyes! Was this a dream come true land? I didn’t understand what was happening around me. Quickly, after taking a few glances at myself, I walked out of the washroom door. The two boys again came to me and asked me to come along with them. While walking, several thoughts crossed my mind, and I was extremely befuddled. I went with the two boys and they took me to a graveyard. Suddenly, both of them burst into tears! I was astonished! The grave had Olivia’s mother’s name written on it.

Suddenly, it clicked! All this, the outfit, the eye colour, the shoes, the perfectly slim body, it was all related to one person- Olivia! It was all her, the two boys being her siblings! She was the one person I had chosen when asked who would you like to exchange lives with! I was always so envious of her perfect, glamorous life! Everything seemed to come on its own for her.

I perceived now that she used to PRETEND to not care about her mother. She always behaved as though she hated her. Little did I know that she had so much pain in her life. I loathed myself to think that my life wasn’t great. Soon, in the blink of an eye, I was transported back to reality. I looked down and I was dressed as myself and the diary was no longer visible.

I was just walking back to my house when someone tapped me on my shoulder from behind. I turned back slowly, to find Olivia looking at me. She smiled, and whispered to me, ‘It will be your life next.’

Featured Image Courtesy – Dreamstime

Avani Bhandari
Avani Bhandari
Hello, I'm Avani and I enjoy writing a lot as I believe that it's the best medium to let out our emotions. I hope my writing helps make a difference!


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