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Aesthetic Art

Written By Kalpitaa Rajesh (Grade 11)

Art! This three-letter word has had an enormous impact on my life! There’s a bit of art in everything that we see around us.

It has helped me bring out my inner talent and express it to the outside world. It is another way of expressing my thoughts uniquely. It is a language of its own. It inspires or plucks up my courage when I am spiritually and morally broken. Sometimes it is the only means, which inspires a heroic deed in me and lends a hand in a difficult situation.

I’ve always been attached to it in some way or the other, be it expressing my love and happiness or sorrow and agony. Whenever I can’t express myself through words, art comes into the scene. It’s totally therapeutic. You can be whoever you want to and express whatever you want to. You are totally free to do it, there are absolutely no stipulations. This’s what makes me love it.

When I grab a piece of paper and start drawing anything without any planning, it’s very healing. At that moment, I forget all the things happening around me and I enter into a beautiful little world of colours. As I’ve grown older, art has become so much more than that. Somewhere deep inside there is a driving force, yearning me to put my heart down on paper. Every piece of art I create is a ride into my soul. Each one is the solution to a problem I have dealt with and conquered.

Looking at some of the phenomenal work done by the artists fascinates me. It brings in me the feeling to do work like this someday. It also allows having a deeper understanding of emotions in an effective way. In my opinion, it is an imaginative contemplation of reality. One of the greatest things about art is that it makes people think so differently. A single artwork instils a number of thoughts in people’s minds. I get captivated by the fact that how one single word can have so many interpretations. Although I love the ritual of creating art, in the end, it feels really satisfactory when someone gives me a positive comment. It keeps pushing me to create more and more. It represents me.

Being a lover of art isn’t just about putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas. It is way more than that. In a nutshell, it is an addiction – the more I draw, the more I want to draw, the more I need to draw.

Featured Image Courtesy – Time

Kalpitaa Rajesh
Kalpitaa Rajesh
I'm an amateur artist and a writer too. I'm an avid reader. Getting to know about the peoples' stories inspires me a lot and that's something I'm fond of writing articles on. Meeting new people is one of my greatest joys. I am intrigued by biology. Learning new things brings me a lot of happiness.


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