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An Enchanted Forest

Written By Zaynab Batool Hussain (Grade 3)

Hello,  my name is Charlie. Let me introduce myself to you. I am an 11-year-old boy. I like to play cricket and I love adventures. I am going to tell you something VERY strange that had happened to me last week. This was only an introduction, NOW the real story must begin…

I was taking an afternoon walk when only just saw something glowing beautifully. I muttered to myself, ‘I must be seeing things,’ so I walked on. I only started walking for a few seconds until I heard a tiny whisper. ‘You aren’t seeing things, Charlie,’. First of all, I was freaked out because it was a fairy, and second of all, how did this fairy know my name?

I didn’t want to sound rude, so I eventually asked, ‘How do you know my name, and who are you?.’ She replied with a kind smile on her face, ‘I am a young fairy. I have lived in this forest all my life.’ I then heard her whistle a sort of tune. Slowly but surely, mythical creatures started to appear one by one. There were unicorns, alicorns, phoenixes, firebirds and much more. There were so many I couldn’t count them all.

The fairy told me that this forest wasn’t an ordinary forest, but an enchanted one! She let me stroke the unicorns, take a ride on the alicorns, she also let me take some feathers from the beautiful, fiery red phoenix.

I was having so much fun with the fairy, that I didn’t realize it was getting darker, but thankfully the fairy reminded me. I said, ‘ Thanks for everything today.’ When I was about to leave, the fairy suddenly urged me to stop. ‘Please do not tell anyone about me or the creatures. They will come to this forest and try to hunt me and the creatures.’ she said. ‘OK.’ I replied.  ‘Charlie, did you know that you have some magic in your blood?’ she asked me. ‘No. How?,’ I replied. ‘It’s simple. If you did not have magic in your blood, you wouldn’t be able to see me or any of the creatures.’ She replied. ‘Also what should I call you? I asked. ‘Lily. Call me Lily. That’s my name.’ she replied. We both said goodbye. I headed back home, and Lily went back to her tree.

From now on, I always go and visit Lily in my free time and we have become very good friends ever since the day we met.

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