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Animals as a source of inspiration

Written By Amaira Khan (Grade 6)

From the greatest peaks of the Himalayas to the Smallest living being, Nature is truly the greatest. Humanity is a true witness of Nature’s great beauty. Well, it is a true fact that nature is the greatest teacher, inspiring young minds to do something great, to be the greatest person of the history, to do something nobody has ever imagined. For example: Leonardo Da Vinci’s cat inspired him to draw (his drawings are proof) and the Wright Brothers were inspired by a bird when they invented the first aeroplane. I truly agree to those who protect, preserve and respect nature. Nature is one of the greatest creations of the God.

Nature has inspired me since I was a little baby and will always inspire me. As a small girl I was always motivated by watching animals (even on TV) or staring at plants or even having a cool breeze. Well, my crazy love for nature started when me, along with my family went to Kashmir (that place is truly Heaven on Earth). Basically, we went for a horse ride for climbing a very tall mountain. So, there was snow around me, the horse I was riding was as white as snow, named Lily. Lily and I travelled together for an hour. I was over the moon, playing with her and making a snowman. I wandered and enjoyed, all around. Just then thought occupied my mind, ‘I can do something great for nature, that nobody imagined’. Just then it gave birth to my affection for nature.

Nature has inspired me the most through the best of all bests, animals. From the largest of the blue whale to the smallest of the rodents, Animals have inspired me the best. You know, when I wrote my first book, I was inspired by a small boy and a puppy. As I saw them play, I got an idea of writing my first conservationist book named: ‘CHARLIE TIMBER, THE ANIMAL SPEAKER.’ Animals inspire me at times when I feel like ‘I am about to quit!’. I am owning a pet cat, Leo. It always motivated me, like it purrs around, or plays with me, or even curls around in my lap, I seem to have my own best friend.

Even a small ant, it inspires me a lot, whenever I sit alone and I am feeling sad, I remember a very simple incident. An ant crawling here and there no matter how many times I block its way, it turns around and tries again. See my friends, even the smallest ant can teach you something the greatest lesson. The large whales inspire me to be calm and gentle, being the largest living animals, they do not harm anyone in particular. They even ask for help or sing or sometimes even save human and animals. I am, I was, and I will always be the greatest admirer and the person who is inspired the most by MOTHER NATURE. There is so much to see, examine, learn and admire all around us, we just need to look in the right way because nature is all around us. Nature has always taught me to restart. I respect every aspect of nature. I am so inspired by it that I salute nature.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Guardian


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