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Written By Saimanas Mohanty (Grade 7)

Animals are the living creature just like human. They can move, excrete, reproduce, sense, grow and respond to stimuli. Scientifically humans are also animals as they are originated from monkey. There are over 1.5 million living animal species have been described, of which around 1.05 million are insects, over 85,000 are mollusc, and around 65,000 are vertebrates. It has been estimated there are as many as 7.77 million animal species on Earth. Animals are the one who can change whole world. Animals are the creator of food web. If one animal extinct, then surely it effect all other animals. Animals are important because they play a significant role in the stability of the environment, ecosystem and our lives, are excellent companions especially the tiny mammals, help balance ecosystems, feed humans and other carnivores, assist with medical research, contribute to science via fossils, etc, have great cultural significance and contribute enormously to the world’s economy. For example hens is eaten by many people and carnivores all over the world. So hens feeds people and carnivorous animals. Without them there will be increase in no. of insects which will disturb the ecosystem. So they helps balance ecosystems. Hens control the speed of breeding of insects. So they play a significant role in the stability of the environment. Some people rear hens. So hens are the great companion. Some people rear hens and sell eggs and meat of hen. So contribute to the world’s economy. Do you know that chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) have been used extensively as research models throughout the history of biology? They were the first animals to be used to demonstrate inheritance and the first animals to have their genome sequenced. Chickens continue to serve as an important model for normal human biology as well as pathological disease processes. So they contribute to science. In numerous societies, chickens are symbols of fertility, prosperity, and continuity. So they have great cultural significance. You can see how one animal is very important. Today many animals are getting endangered like Javan Rhino, Amur leopard, Sunda Island tiger or Sumatran tiger, Mountain gorilla, Tapanuli orangutan, Yangtze finless porpoise, Black rhino, African forest elephant, Sumatran orangutan, Hawksbill turtle etc. This is because of habitat loss, climate change and hunting-poaching. So this is the time to raise and save animals before it get too late. Try to plant more trees, stop using animal products like product made up of leather, ivory, fur of animals etc, try to become vegetarian or reduce eating meat or fish, try to spread awareness, try to reduce climate/global warming etc. So it is our duty to save them from getting extinct. Now let me give information about classification of animals. Animals are classified in many ways. Animals are mainly classified into vertebrate and invertebrate. Animals which are vertebrates are having backbone. For example tiger, human, shark, bird etc. Those animals which don’t have backbone are called vertebrate. Like snail, earthworm, tapeworm, leeches etc. Do you know that there are 33 vertebrae in human? Also there are same no. of vertebrae in long neck of giraffe! This is because of difference in length of each vertebrae in human and giraffe. Each vertebrae in human is maximum 141mm long. But in giraffe each vertebrae is up to 10 inches long. The birds are mostly warm-blooded. Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird in the world. Parrots eat by holding food with leg. African Grey Parrots can mimicry many sounds of human. Hummingbird remembers the nectars of all flower and their taste. This tells that not only humans are intelligent but also animals. Archer Fish comes out of water surface and sprays water on prey and catch him. Cattle fish has three hearths. Sail fish is the fastest swimmer in the world. Raccoons wash their prey in water bodies before eating them and skunk releases a foul-smelling liquid to defend themselves.

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