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Written By Deeya Jhala (Grade 10)

The power that architecture holds is truly breathtakingly inspiring. It has the ability to influence both physical and cultural landscapes of our world and this makes architecture a distinguished art form. Architecture is the design and creation of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Architecture is about a lot more than just building structures, it’s about creating places that inspire, arouse emotions and capture the spirit of human creativity. Examples of these art forms are towering skyscrapers, historic buildings and temples and a lot more. I’ve always been captivated by architecture as an art form because of its tremendous impact on our lives and because it encourages me to view the world with creativity and beauty.

Architecture emerged when people first started making shelters to defend themselves. Architecture developed over centuries from simple constructions to complex pieces of engineering and design. The architectural wonders left behind by ancient societies like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians still amaze and inspire us today. Egypt had one of the first respected architect, known as Imhotep. The ruins of the Parthenon, the Colosseum, and the pyramids of Giza all serve as enduring symbols of our ancestors’ brilliance and judgment.

Architecture is an expression of culture, history, and social standards as well as being an essential necessity. Whether it’s the severe Bauhaus architecture or the majesty of Gothic cathedrals, every architectural style has a tale to tell. Architecture conveys concepts, beliefs, and goals through the use of form, materials, and arrangement of space. It affects our moods, actions, and perceptions by shaping the way we see the world around us.

The ability of architecture to effortlessly combine both function and form is what most fascinates me about it. In spite of fulfilling its intended purpose, a well designed structure engages our senses and sparks creativity. Architecture has the ability to inspire awe and amazement, whether it is through the sleek lines of modern skyscrapers or the rich decoration of medieval castles.

Additionally, architecture also inspires me to think about the environment and our surroundings. I believe architecture should create space for the world around us and think about everything including nature and the greenery that surrounds it. In my opinion, architecture should be considerate towards the environment and maximise human comfort. There are designs known as biophilic designs that really inspire me through their beauty and sophistication.

Architecture is far more than just a career or a way to express a person’s artistic side, it is a window into our shared goals and a homage to our humanity. I am constantly motivated by the endless possibilities of architecture forms and the opportunities it presents. It pushes me to see the world in another perspective, find beauty in the ordinary and aim for greatness and excellence in everything I do. Building elements is just one aspect of architecture, another is creating the future and leaving an imprint for the next generations.

Featured Image Courtesy – The Architect’s Diary


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