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Artistic Carvings

Written By Naman Jain (Grade 4)

When I am in awe of and behold delicate carvings, I marvel at how ancient sculptors carved them so beautifully on a simple wall. The life-like figures seem to move gracefully across the dusty walls of old temples. I wonder how delicate their fingers would have been and the hard work and dedication they would have put into creating it. As I think about this, I can almost hear the thudding of metal against stone as it is carved. This is why carving gives me a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

The great Michelangelo made stunning carvings that brought tears to the eyes of many people who went to admire his work. His best-known work is the colossal statue of David, which brings crowds of adoring fans who often shed tears when they see how he has carved the beautiful head.

I like carving, for I am always astonished at the beautiful figures we can achieve out of a piece of metal, wood, or stone. Carving has not gained any popularity in this world at all. God has given everyone a different passion, and he has given one to me for liking carvings. “We are our own choices,” as was rightly said by Jean-Paul Satre.

Not many people know that before pen, pencil, and paper were created, carving was the only way of writing symbols (the ancient language varied from country to country). I am fascinated with ice carvings. Instead of ice carvings, I like to call them diamond carvings because they glitter and glimmer like art made from diamonds. If placed at the right angle, beautiful figures will dance across it, and it will light up as if a high-powered laser beam has been put under it. I can never say that stone carvings are not marvellous either. In fact, I would say that stone carvings are amazing. For example, take Meenakshi Temple, which is in Madurai. In that temple, the carvings are so stunning and minute that you cannot distinguish one carving from another. They are very colourful carvings that attract children and adults alike. There might be innumerable figures of gods and goddesses carved on one pillar only. Visitors are fascinated by the intricate carvings that blow their minds as they wonder how ancient people must have made them without any machines. This is a sign of a gift given to them by God.

This world neither appreciates nor criticises carvings, and I feel they have not gotten the level of recognition they deserve. Like others who made stunning carvings, God has also given me a gift for carving, so I intend to use it.

I was just wondering: is the world ready to accept it?

Featured Image Courtesy – The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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