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Arunima Sinha

Written By Vaanya Poddar (Grade 5)

This world is brimming with inspiring women in every possible field. Among these women,  is someone who greatly inspires me because of her go-getter personality. Her story is a story full of hope, courage, and dedication.

Born in a small village, Ambedkar Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh, Arunima Sinha played 3 sports naming, football, hockey and volleyball. She lived in a time when women were rarely encouraged to play sports, but this great woman managed to do so. As she grew up, she joined the national volleyball team, however she found out that the sport alone could not pay all the bills. To do so, she sent an application to the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). It was accepted but there was a misprint in her spelling, so she had to go to Noida, alone to get it corrected. She took a train ride, the Padmavat Express with a general ticket. Little did she know, this journey to simply correct a minute error, would change her life forever. During the ride, she encountered a group of muggers. I would love to tell you that she beat them, and they ran away, or she gave up her money to protect herself, but no, she resisted them, but they got the better of her. She fell off the train on the tracks and a train ran over her before she could move. By when she was rescued, an entire night had passed and Arunima Sinha, lost her left leg. She lost both her job in the CISF and her sporting career. The point when she decided to fight the muggers instead of giving all her money encouraged me to always stand tall and fight the hurdles of life. Even in the face of problems, she decided to go on with her life. One such decision she made, left everyone in shock, she decided to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world with an amputated leg. This goal required intensive training, for which she decided to turn to another great woman, Bachendri Pal, the first woman to climb Mt Women that inspire. Bachendri helped her prepare a strict training plan. With her injuries still recovering, she worked hard endlessly for 18 months until she finally achieved what she wanted, to become the first female amputee to reach Mt. Everest. After defying all odds, this woman managed to proudly hoist the Indian flag on the mountain peak.

Arunima inspires me because of her dedication and determination towards her goal. She is a woman who shows great courage, and more importantly has a great willpower. I am sure you understand, why this great woman inspires me.

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