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Assumptions – A Neglected Adversary

Written By Utkarsh Chawra (Grade 10)

Assumptions occur when there is a doubt of a thing happening in the midst of unsureness and confusion. 

A thousand instances have occurred and are yet to in our entirety of lives where assumptions have been made about us and vice versa.

Why are assumptions dangerous?

Assumptions are interpretations of viewpoints based on possibilities of events occurring with absolutely no or little amount of knowledge and hence can take a dangerous turn and catch you off guard. 

Assumptions are accepted thoughts without proof of being true because we are too egoistic or scared to ask what was or is the matter. When the time comes, we stick to it and argue that we were right from the start and don’t care to listen to it until we are convinced that it is the reality that we assumed it to be. It becomes the objective reality of an individual.

Going back and affording to back down further becomes tougher as more time is given for these assumptions to grow. 

Is it right when we say “don’t make assumptions”?  

When we see an apple, we identify it as an apple, its colour is red and it has a sphere-like shape. Then we question if we can eat it, how old is it, etc. All this is what makes the subjective reality of a human being as we try to make sense out of everything that comes by us, even if it’s nothing, as in you were expecting something to happen but it didn’t happen. 

Assumptions are a chain of thoughts that are provoked in the hope to make sense of the things that are thrown at us at a given time. Being humans, the occurrence of thoughts is an inevitable event that goes parallel with existence. 

Hence making assumptions isn’t something we can control, what we can do is neglect them and not act on them, what most do is follow that thought as it seems the only sense that can be made out of that situation at hand, but it isn’t simply true and is simply distracting you from what is true. In the end, it is all natural to make assumptions and come to a conclusion directly but we must be conscious while we are doing this and be able to distinguish.  

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Utkarsh Chawra
Utkarsh Chawra
I am Utkarsh Chawra, 15 years of age. I love philosophy, sociology, politics, and other things that inspire and provoke my thought process. I hope that my thoughts challenge the mindset of the modern world and inspire people to challenge their own thought processes.


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