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Auroras – The vibrant light show of nature!

Written By Vihaan Sharma (Grade 6)

What a spectacular sight it is, when the night sky turns fluid and displays such vibrant colours! It has always attracted me and that is why witnessing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis with my own eyes is right on top of my bucket list. We have the Southern Lights as well known as Aurora Australis. As I read further to quench my curiosity, I got to know that Auroras are a result of interactions between the solar wind and Earth’s atmosphere. The Sun constantly emits a stream of charged particles known as the solar wind and when these particles reach Earth, they face the magnetic field which protects the planet by deflecting most of the solar wind away. However, some of the particles get trapped in the Earth’s magnetosphere and are pushed towards the polar regions by the magnetic field lines, hence the spectacular light show called the Auroras.

There is obviously science behind this phenomenon. The detailed mechanisms of auroras involve complex interactions between the solar wind, Earth’s magnetic field and atmospheric particles. The intensity and frequency of auroras are influenced by solar flares. Its all too complicated to understand by a layman but when you are mesmerized by this great phenomenon, you tend to research more on it.

Not only scientific but these auroras also have cultural significance. As a delved deep into reading material about them, I got to know that the indigenous people of the Arctic – Inuit and Sami have various stories revolving around the auroras. They believe that auroras are the spirits of their ancestors or the souls of the departed. In medieval Europe, auroras were often seen as omens or supernatural phenomena. I also read that in ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures, auroras were thought to be dragons dancing in the sky.

Auroras continue to captivate the modern society as well. Many photographers, artists and scientists are inspired by it. These auroras are so mysterious and magnificent that I’m sure it can mesmerize any person who witnesses it.

While auroras are visually stunning, but we must not forget the message they convey. They are the indicators of space weather. Strong geomagnetic storms can enhance auroral displays. It becomes therefore imperative that we must monitor and understand these auroras.

During my research I also came across the information that auroras are not only unique to Earth but these are witnessed in other planets as well such as Jupiter and Saturn since they have strong magnetic fields. Once can see beautiful images of these auroras through the Hubble Space Telescope.

It is my dream to witness these auroras once in my life with my own eyes and not just in pictures on the internet. Auroras are not only a visual delight but also serve as a window into the dynamic interactions between the Sun and Earth. For a layman, these scientific aspects would hold little significance. For them this spectacular display of light would just be a source of wonder and inspiration. Maybe there’s a magical land beyond these lights where all our childhood fairy-tales come true. 

Featured Image Courtesy – National Geographic


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