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Aviation – Boon Or Bane

Written By Pari Kochhar (Grade 8)

Did you know at least one aircraft takes off or lands every 37 seconds?

Using aviation to travel is the world’s most accomplished achievement, closely followed by the invention of the internet. Aviation is a boon; has helped the world become a better place to live in.

Now, what would life be like if the aeroplane never existed?

Well, first off, things would be very, very slow. It would take hours to get to places that would be a matter of minutes using aircraft and helicopters, it would take almost a week to make it across the country, and making it to different continents around the world would take months. Also, lots of people would have lost their lives as a result of auto accidents and other incidents in remote places where help could not be received. Helicopters are an efficient and effective tool at transporting the injured quickly and safely to hospitals in the area, reducing the time of travel, and increasing the patient’s chance of living. A war would be radically different, as airpower would be non-existent, the scouting of enemy movements wouldn’t be possible.

We would have never gone to the moon, either. Aviation led directly to the development of space rockets, as well as (USE and also) brought us satellites that provide TV, satellite radio, mobile messaging, navigation systems in cars and on phones, modern accurate maps, and information and knowledge about our universe.

One might argue that aviation has led to a boatload of pollution from being emitted into the environment. I disagree. I find that all war would be fought on the ground, taking time, resources, and lives. Additionally, according to the USA Environmental Protection Agency, aircrafts travelling cross-continent emit only 11% of the pollution compared to that of using a vehicle on land.

Finally, the beauty and joy of flight would only be experienced by the birds, and the dream of flight would remain just a dream, forgotten by the early ancestors, and ignored by the society today.

Flying is most definitely a boon and one of the greatest inventions that has radically changed the world as we know it.

Featured Image Courtesy – Travel Daily Media

Pari Kochhar
Pari Kochhar
Hi, my name is Pari Aggarwal Kochhar and I am 13 years old. I am an avid reader who loves to dance. I started off writing only for school assignments but soon realised I enjoy it immensely. Now, I write a new article almost every week. Do check them out.


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