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Bahubali Temple

Written By Joy Mehta (Grade 6)

Art helps us to express emotions and explore our environment. Architecture as a form of art acts as a connection between history and present world. The Gomateshwara Statue is the largest monolithic idol in the world, also known as the “Bahubali Temple”, located in Shravanabelagola in Hassan district of Karnataka, India. The 57 feet tall statue was built by a minister and commander of the Ganga Dynasty named as Chavundaraya. The statue was built out of single block of granite and has delicate and attractive carvings of beautiful plants covering its whole body. Gomateshwara Statue is located on Vindhyagiri Hills and it’s visible from 30 kilometers away. Granite is a very hard stone and making this statue shows how the creators were masters of working with stones without any mistake. It is one of the main pilgrims of the Jains.

Gomateshwara symbolizes the Jain principles of peace, non-Violence and detachment from worldly life and simple living. The statue is dedicated to the Jain God Bahubali, son of the first Tirthankara Rishabdev. It is one of the largest free-standing statue in the world. The statue shows the twelve month long meditation of Bahubali in motionless yoga posture called “Kayotsarga” (standing still). This led to growth of creepers and climbers around the legs and up to arms. The eyes are half open looking at nose which shows his detachment from world and in tune to nature and soul. The whole statue stands on an open lotus and supported by giant stone at bottom. It was voted as the 7th wonder of our country. Thus this place brings calmness with greenery and clear crystal water of the pond attracts thousands of monks to meditation and hug peaceful life of non- violence.

This statue has always helped me to gain control over my ego as to how Bahubali did even after winning over his own brother Bharat for kingdom. He left and went to the forest to meditate in order to attain liberation and forgive Bharat for trying to take his life. This idol teaches me how to live life in tune with nature which leads to eternal happiness. It describes God as magnificent, beautiful, graceful, serene and the first human of this era to attain salvation (freedom). This master piece of art is identical from both sides, showing that two sides of life are the same. No one till today has been able to know how this master piece had been crafted from the bottom to the top. The statue truly reflects the idea of great strength and a freedom from anger and rage. Such art touches the soul and encourage me to learn more about our culture and history.

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