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Bharatanatyam – The Classical Dance Form

Written by Prachi Singh (Grade 5)

“Dance drags you in creativity,
Dance detaches your worries,
Dance makes you to feel your own..”

India is a land of various cultures and traditions. The culture of India is dated back to thousands of years. Bharatnatyam is known as the mother of classical dance form. This dance form is almost 2000years old and originated from the temples in Tamil Nadu, the southern state of India.

It is believed that Bharatanatyam was revealed by The Creator Lord Brahma to a famous sage Bharatamuni. Bharatanatyam meaning is that – Bha means Bhava or feeling, Ra means raga or melody, Ta means tala or rhythm and Natyam means dance. It is based on Shavism , Vaishnavism and Shaktism. Bharatanatyam immersed with Nrita or dancing movements, Nritya or expressions and Nattya or play. It is also named as Fire dance because it resembles the movements of dancing flame. The costumes and the famous Temple jewelry define beauty of Bharatanatyam dance. The Anklets, made-up of rope or leather with lots of bells must be worn by Bharatanatyam dancers. Bharatanatyam dancer’s talent is judged by numbers of ringings they can make using bells. It is accompanied by Carnatic music.

I am inspired by Bharatanatyam dance form because it has deep cultural and spiritual significance in Indian culture. It helps to express devotion and narrates religious stories. Bharatanatyam has great impact from mythology, literature and music. The rhythmic movements and holds seem like yoga that enhance dancer’s stamina. Therefore Bharatanatyam dance form inspired me as dance scratches our mind and hearts towards God. So feel the music and tap our feet for it.

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