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Written By R Rakshad (Grade 6)

An innovation inspired by nature is called biomimicry. Let’s explore some of these magical adventures!

The things in nature, which inspired me are the following:

a) The Bullet Train, invented in 1964, had a reputation for creating loud sonic booms near the train’s path as it moved along people’s houses during the 90’s. This was an unpleasant din that no one wanted. To resolve this issue, a general manager named c, who was also an earnest birdwatcher, gained inspiration from the kingfisher’s beak as when kingfishers dive into the water to catch fish, it never splashes water on the sides owing to its hydrodynamic beak. He reported his sightings to address the situation by reestablishing a better nose inspired by the kingfisher’s beak. This reduced noise pollution drastically and improved the train’s performance due to its aerodynamic nose, such as increasing its capability in aspects such as travel and speed.

The inspiration that it has given to me is as such:

  • In today’s world, innovation and creativity such as the one used for the bullet train’s nose are necessary for technological advancements and inventions. That is what biomimicry is about!
  • The amount of observation used in the design process of the bullet train’s nose is insurmountable. We must also make useful observations to develop better products like when Eiji Nakatsu made one by seeing the hydrodynamic beak of the kingfisher bird.
  • Sustainability is a key ingredient for all occupations and our lives. It is also an important factor in innovation and decision-making as were the decisions taken by Eiji Nakatsu; to reduce noise without diminishing the speed of the bullet train.

b) The invention of Velcro which happened in 1955 occurred as a Swiss engineer by the name Georges De Mestral was inspired by the way burdock plants’ seeds cling to fur and fabric. This happened when Georges discovered multiple burdock seeds in his cloth and his pet dog’s fur. Perplexed and fascinated, he created his own design of a fastening mechanism comprising of one strip with tiny hooks and another with loops attached. He experimented for years with different materials until he patented his invention in 1955. Even today, the world is still awestruck by the ease of fastening the system with a straightforward press and unfastened with a tug. The word ‘Velcro’ consists of two French words ‘velours'(velvet) and ‘crochet'(hook) respectively.

The inspiration that it has given to me is as such:

  • Today, having perseverance is the virtue which leads you to remain determined to put your best effort and lead you to its fruition, just like it did for Georges De Mestral.
  • Versatility is also key to the rapidly evolving world, as you can use it for a plethora of applications such as clothing and footwear to aerospace engineering, like the Velcro mechanism.
  • The functionality of the invention of Velcro has a solution to a common problem—attaching and sealing objects. Its efficiency and simplicity have affected the lives of millions of people across the world in a better way.

Biomimicry has inspired many ambitious inventors to come up with innovative and practical solutions to make the world a better place.In short, Biomimicry inspired inventions are cost-effective, more efficient than convention systems and are sustainable, such that they do not end up adversely affecting the environment. Biomimicry also gives us a chance to broaden our understanding nature and how we can end up living with all the different ecosystems in peace and harmony.

As nature is the source of all inspiration from aerospace engineering to clothing to common problems such as fastening and securing items and even to writing this essay because it is all around us and if it weren’t for Nature we wouldn’t be here. From my point of view, I think humanity should conserve nature to get more of these awesome ideas from nature before it is too late. Although a rapidly increasing population is increasing the amount of chlorofluorocarbons and greenhouse gases, Biomimetics can solve these problems and make Earth a more habitable place. We should take care of nature, as it as fostered us and never harms us.

We should take a responsibility to make our emissions net zero which means that we should not pollute the air, the sea, and the land anymore in the near future. Biomimicry has all of these solutions and people should be encouraged to work more towards these solutions and not be a part of the pollution.

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” — Henry David Thoreau

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