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Bleisure Travel

Written By Ananya Agarwal (Grade 7)

Today as the world grows bigger, the work-life boundaries are getting blurry. Most people are bound by their work and professional life and don’t get free time to relax and go on vacations. And as the professional formalities increase, companies have also started to provide people with work on weekends and when on holiday thanks to the increase in technology. Bleisure travel as the name suggests is the blending of work and leisure together. It has become really common among young professionals. It has helped young people to work and also enjoy the place and relax. People have started offering to go on business trips because of this new way. A survey shows that most of the young travellers who come for business trips extend them by 2 or 3 days. This works to a huge advantage for them. And this not only works in the favour of the employees but also the different hotels, because most of them stay at the same hotel, for both their personal and business trips. This is a huge advantage for the travellers financially because most of the expenses of the business trips are fulfilled by the companies and this allows them to spend more on leisure and saves a lot because they don’t have to pay for many things such as transportation. Bleisure travel also allows people to bring companions which helps them with boredom and the feeling of isolation. 

Even though many people have started working and going on business trips because of this, companies also have to keep in mind their needs. Bleisure travellers often look forward to how attractive the place is, the additional expenses that have to be fulfilled by them and other aspects. As this fashion tends to get more famous so does the quality of the trips for the workers. And this has really promoted the nature of work for many people and helped them a lot especially now during the pandemic as many people haven’t been out of their houses for months. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Hospitality Net

Ananya Agarwal
Ananya Agarwal
I am Ananya Agarwal from Kolkata. I study in The Heritage School in grade 8 and I enjoy writing different stories and articles.


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