Written By Mahi Parui (Grade 8)

Pippa Fitz-Amobi is an ordinary girl, from an ordinary town, living with an ordinary family. In fact, everything about her life is ordinary.

Until she chooses the ‘Murder Case of Andie Bell’ as her final-year project topic. Five years ago, Andie Bell, a schoolgirl was murdered by Sal Singh. Though the case is closed and everyone in town (including the police!) know that Sal Singh did it. Pip is not so sure and Sal isn’t there anymore to confirm. Working on her project, she unravels secrets that someone in town wants to stay hidden and in the desperation of keeping the secrets hidden, how far can the person go to stop Pip from unveiling the truth?
Who could that be, but the killer? Isn’t Sal dead? Is Andie still alive?

This thriller, murder mystery tripped me quite a few times while trying to guess who the killer was. It has so many twists and turns that it keeps you hooked right till the end! I would surely recommend this book to all those who enjoy reading thriller mysteries!

Featured Image Courtesy – Amazon UK

My name is Mahi Parui and I am 13 years old. Music and reading is what I love to do in almost all of my free time. Playing basketball and other outdoor games have always been something I look forward to. I am well versed with two instruments, the harmonium and the guitar. Be sure to check out a few of my essays.



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