Written By Ayanna Raj (Grade 8)

The Maze Runner is a book written by James Dashner.  The book begins with Thomas in a small room (more like a small box), which is ascending like an elevator.  He can’t remember anything about himself apart from his first name as if someone had spray painted it in the back of his head.  After what seems like forever, the box comes to a stop.  He doesn’t know where he is!  He looks up only to find a few dozen teenage boys, looking down at him.  One of them comes into the box and welcomes him to the “glade”.  He spends a long time looking around at his surroundings, but there isn’t much in this “glade” as the boy had earlier called it.  It is a field, surrounded by tall stone walls.  None of the boys know anything about their previous lives, all they know is that they must survive. Thomas spends the next few days learning all about the glade.  It is not long before things start going wrong… A night outside the stone walls, a girl, WICKED, The Grievers and finally…… the ending. But is it really? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the book for a variety of reasons.  The extremely vivid descriptions help to paint the entire picture in one’s mind.  I also liked the fact that no matter what happens, the children in the book take everything in their stride. They simply make arrangements and do their best in every situation.  Their friendship displays an earnestness that is enduring as they help each other to stay alive.

The realisation of the glade being surrounded by a maze is gripping and the mix of suspense and adventure keeps one hooked.  I recommend the first part of this series as a must-read if you like action, drama and a little bit of romance.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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