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Bullying in School

Written By Nikitha Hebbar (Grade 9)

Bullying refers to destructive behaviour so as to overpower the opposite person. The method of harassing somebody through applying coercion, ill-treating verbally or non-verbally, menacing, and using various means of violence to make someone do work, or just for the pleasure of the attacker is known as bullying. 

Bullying is a common practice in educational institutions. The student who is bullied undergoes enormous mental and physical torture. Certain students even lose their self-confidence and may also suffer from psychological disorders after getting bullied, either awhile or forever.

Different types of bullying are as follows:

Physical bullying – It happens when physical actions are used to gain control or intimidate victims. It tends to be bigger and more aggressive than their peers. Examples include pushing, kicking, slapping and shoving. This is the easiest kind of bullying to identify and gets more attention from educational institutions than other forms of bullying. 

Verbal bullying – Bullies use harsh words or statements to gain power and control over a victim. 

Emotional bullying – It’s a devious type of bullying that is overlooked by teachers and parents. Bullies often ostracize their victims from a group, spread rumours, manipulate situations and intentionally reveal secrets. Examples: Isolating others, tormenting, hiding books threatening gestures, humiliation, intimidation, exclusion, manipulation and coercion. 

Sexual bullying – It consists of repeated harmful and humiliating actions that target a person sexually. Examples include sexual name calling, lewd comments, vulgar gestures, uninvited touching, sexual prepositioning and pornographic material. Girls are often the targets of sexual bullying by both boys and by other girls. Boys might touch them inappropriately, comment about their bodies or proposition them. Girls might call other girls names, make insulting comments about their appearance and engage in shaming online. 

Cyberbullying – The most recent type of bullying is online. Bullies use social media to attack their victims by posting on social media, starting rumours, sharing photos sending nasty messages and social exclusion. This type of bullying will be very difficult for the teacher to manage. 

Bullying is one of all the horrifying experiences that a lot of students think to themselves there is nothing I can do and feel very helpless. So, they tend to get feel very small and feel very weak, and in essence, that’s what a bully wants to do. A bully wants to try and make you feel smaller and weaker and helpless because in doing that it makes them feel bigger and stronger and in a position of power because most of the time in their life, they don’t feel that way. They have some underlying weaknesses.

Unless and till the cowed victim retaliates, the student who cowed does not get any penalization. So, a student ought to be tutored to retaliate against the bully so that the bully does not repeat the same thing again. 

Bear in mind that bullying leaves scars and if you have been bullied for quite a long time, then those scars are going to be quite deep. Anticipate those vulnerable times, plan accordingly, beat the blues, and have some strategies up your sleeve. So, in future, whoever tries to bully you, get back at them instantly. Be strong enough not to get bullied.

Healthy Folks Don’t Bully, Solely Unhealthy Ones Do.

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Nikitha Hebbar
Nikitha Hebbar
Hello! I am Nikitha Hebbar. I am a grade 9 student of Sindhi High School, Bangalore. I spend my leisure time reading informative books & listening to music. I like reading new and trending novels and my favorite genres include suspense, horror and thriller novels. My favorite writer is Ruskin Bond.


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