Friday, September 22, 2023

Butter Chicken

Written By Laksshha Khanna (Grade 11)

Chunks of chicken
Sit comfortably in yogurt 
Tanning in tomato puree 
The recipe covert 

A spoonful of oil 
A sprinkle of spice
Give it a few turns 
To be transported to paradise

The butter slithers on top 
Leaving a yellowy trail,
On a thick red gravy 
Garnished with coriander, for detail 

Oh, the invigorating aroma
Wafts across the room, 
A grumble escapes the restless stomach, 
A scent better than perfume. 

I silently tip toe,
And drop a finger in 
Letting the warm concoction 
Melt me from within.

My eyes loll inside my head 
My tongue, a blend of scrumptious,
One bite into the meat
The tenderness transports me to Columbus.

The meal is so wholesome, 
It’s hard to explain 
Oh, what a butter chicken does to me 
Is absolutely insane. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Licious

Laksshha Khanna
Laksshha Khanna
I have a passion for writing and I keep challenging my mind by giving a creative twist to my ideas. It is my dream to create a travelogue with my personal experiences of the places I visit.



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