Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Christmas is cancelled.

Written By Riva Agarwal (Grade 9)

Heartbroken, and in despair, a grim voice said “Christmas has been cancelled this year. The mascot of Christmas, Santa has declared, that this year, the most awaited festival, will be cancelled too.” Waves of dysphoria travelled through the hearts of everyone, hearing the news being broadcasted on every channel. Everyone looked at each other, a sombre look on their faces.

What was the reason behind such a shocking decision? People had already lost plenty of jobs and lives, due to the pandemic. Each and every person was looking forward to Christmas, to make small money for right now, anyone could do with any small amount of income. From selling small ornaments to Christmas sweets, and from Christmas trees, to holiday cards the small bakeries lined up on the roads would not get the extra income, neither would the little craft shops. Santa was supposed to bring joy, positivity and happiness to make this terrible year, wasn’t he? Then why did he cancel Christmas and take away the last bit of excitement anyone had for this year? This was a season celebrated by everyone, Christians or not. The entire world would rejoice, have a meal with their family, exchange gifts, and after a long time, be happy. These thoughts raced through everyone’s minds- wondering what the real reason behind the cancellation of Christmas was.

Everyone held their breath, awaiting the news channels to provide a reason. The newsreader looked down and started reading from a paper. “I believe you all have innumerable questions as to why I am cancelling Christmas. You all might be wondering that this is because of the pandemic. But no, my children, that is not the reason. Over the years, children have stopped believing in me, and Christmas has been losing its essence. All of you are treating mother earth terribly, and I fail to understand why. I present you with gifts every year, even after the terrible things many of you do. But this year, I have changed my mind. Christmas will not be celebrated this year and will remain cancelled until and unless all of you improve the state of the earth and repair it just as easily as you have destroyed it. Not only that, but the loss of belief of the children in me, has demotivated me to work hard all year to make gifts, and give them to you at the end of the year. I am an old man after all, and it is quite hurtful to see the direction in which all of you are heading. You will not realize the presence of something unless it is absent from your life. And with this, I leave you all, and hope you fix your mistakes by next year if you wish to see me.”

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