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Cinema and Video Games

Written By Daksh Jhala (Grade 10)

Pablo Picasso once said, ’The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.’ This should be an example for how much art affects mankind and for valuing art. Art is not just paintings it is way beyond that. Art includes sculpture, architecture, cinema, music and much more.

Cinema is a kind of art that is very diverse. Cinema brings to us different cultures of the world. Cinema is basically telling stories, in a more visual, more interesting way, by adding art in it. Art should be acceptable universally, and we must embrace art by giving every artist an opportunity to showcase their emotions through cinematography. Cinema can improve one’s mind to think critically. Other benefits of cinema are also imagination, which can vastly improve our thinking skills and socialisation.

Cinema mainly inspires me as there are a lot of genres, which can relate to my feelings, and I can relate to cinema by just watching something good and can always reflect on what I just watched and how it is going to help me in the future. But, cinema heavily depends on the quality of the motion picture, as some of cinema can not have a good message to society.

Another, very controversial form of art are video games. I strongly believe that video games are art and are very inspiring to me. A common misconception about video games is that they are violent and have no benefits at all but, I believe that this is not true and I will prove it. Art is something that requires skill and video gaming is nothing but skills. You need skills to move, to attack, to build, to defend, to look around and of course, this improves your hand-eye coordination. Video games have stories, and cinema too, which is both art. It has cutscenes, which is like short scenes in which you don’t need to control the character. Gaming has music, which is considered art, and so I believe video games are a compilation of different forms of art which is interactive and filled with emotions. Video games help me think very carefully of what I should say or do next, when I am inspired by video game characters.

Featured Image Courtesy – New Statesman


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