Sunday, June 4, 2023

Colourful People in My Life

Written By Yashvi Jalan (Grade 9)

It is well said that “Life is a journey and not a destination.” In this whimsical tour, there are many people who sprinkle the hues of joviality, rejuvenation and motivation onto your canvas making it an ultimate masterpiece. These people are those who may not begin the journey of life with you but somehow stick all the way to the end. Anonymously, they influence your way of living in a staggering way and when you sit to ponder about those, you have no words. 

“Happiness is nothing but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain” – Thomas Hardy

When someone reiterates words like congeniality and extrovert, the only name that pounces up in my head is Yashika. A friend who never forgot the essence of life although destiny had played an abysmal game with her and trapped her in the caprice of fate. Parents are the pillars supporting the nourishment and success of a child. If one of these gets demolished, it becomes difficult to move on. At the tender age of eight, she lost her father to a deadly chronic disease. Today, equipped with an iron will and assisting her working mother, she carries souvenirs of her father’s memories in her heart. Life is a circular track and if there are thorns lying in the path, it will be replaced with tantalizing flowers in the approaching turning. If we remain stagnant and are reluctant to move then we will never reach our destination. 

A 65-year-old woman with wrinkles on her face and grey hair scattering all-around has managed to improve her vocabulary by playing “Cook Words”. A virtual game where letters are served on a plate and the player is supposed to connect them and make words which in turn gives you points. Coming from a generation where women being educated was frowned upon and English did not hold a firm root, this lockdown has completely changed her life. Education as often said is a weapon that can change the world.  Learning is not limited by age. Every moment brings about a new experience in itself and we have to learn to look out for it instead of sitting like a couch potato. 

My life is filled with such people who are not lesser than warriors. However, instead of fighting with armour and shield, they choose to silently conquer their internal battles. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Daily Mail