Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Corruption-Free India – A Developed Nation

Written By Akshayaa S (Grade 10)

Corruption is a very old social evil which is a global phenomenon. Corruption is an act of dishonesty and criminal offence done by a person, a group of people or an organisation by taking advantage of their power and authority. It is a struggle that the common man encounters every day in order to maintain his or her fundamental rights and others’ benefits.

India faces the problem of corruption at various levels. It is present in every nook & corner starting from business, education, security, research, politics, public life and administration.

These are different penalties one may face if found guilty of corruption. They can include fines, imprisonment and of course losing reputation. Apart from personal effects, the organization can also have a negative impact because of corruption that may be long-lasting.

Ways of eliminating corruption:

1. Government must make proper laws to punish those found guilty of corruption & must also work on implementing them strictly.
2. The law must be such that if political leaders are found guilty of any corruption, it must dismiss & punish them.
3. Frequent sting operations must be conducted in government offices and other places where cases of bribery are high.
4. Strict punishment must be given to those who give and accept bribes. This will create fear among the general public and authorities.
5. By maintaining transparency in every government action
6. Maximising digitisation and cashless transactions.

Our country can flourish and grow better if we get rid of corruption. There are many ways to free India from corruption and make it a developed nation. Only willingness to implement these ways is required.

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