Friday, July 19, 2024

Cyanobacteria: Blue-green algae

Written By Divyansh Shukla

This is a unique bacteria around the world because this is the only bacteria on the planet earth which performs photosynthesis similar to plants by using chlorophyll and phycobili proteins to capture light energy.

They are also one of the most alluring forms of nature because it contains a special blue – pigment called phycocyanin and chlorophyll plus a red colour pigment called phycoerythrin which gives them distinctive blue-green colour which makes this micro organism different and more creative from the others.

They are found in every type of environment it means that they can adjust anywhere and everywhere like they are basically found in the aquatic environment like freshwaters and marine ecosystem they can also be found at extreme environments like hot springs and Antarctic ice.

They are the primary producers of food web in the marine life. They contribute significantly to the oxygen production. And they also help in nitrogen fixation. Which means that alone this bacteria has many benefits.

What inspired me about blue-green algae is that they do not depend on other organisms for food. They are self-reliant organisms which make their own food. Then another reason is that they are unique and different from others which makes them more attractive. Last but not the least these bacteria alone has many benefits and uses which makes them more useful and functional then any other organisms. These were all the reasons that inspired me to write.

Featured Image Courtesy – Pinterest


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