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Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up

Written By Sakshi Talreja (Grade 10)

Stress or I rather say pressure, tension and fear combine to form a nightmare that we experience during our daydream. It can also be defined as the ability to adapt to new situations. Stress isn’t entirely distressing as sometimes that pressure helps you meet the deadline, stay focused and put extra effort into the task.

Stress during exam times increases rapidly. With pressure, you feel exhausted and rather overwhelmed. 

Fun fact: During stress, our body produces adrenaline hormone which activates, motivates and energizes us to feel good and to complete our work. But the drawback is that this hormone leads to chronic stress, headaches and anxiety. 

Stress Caused By?

Society has contributed plenty towards stress. More than you the society wants to know about your grades. Some myths like “if you do not get good grades, then you land nowhere” leads to stress. But we cannot entirely blame them, stress can also be caused when you meet personal expectations. Everybody has their own reasons for their goals, but this process needs a lot of hard work, stress and pressure. Sometimes students worry about failing in exams and sometimes for competition, sometimes for expectations and sometimes scoring well in competitive exams. They might be minor but may lead to major impacts on our life. 

Effects of Stress 

They have a lot of physiological and psychological effects like insomnia, change in appetite, pounding heartbeat and aches. Some additional reactions can be trouble in decision-making, being unmotivated, losing touch, and feeling low and moody for quite a time. According to studies, more than 75% of mental issues start at the age of fifteen and normally are due to exam stress. These lead to a great impact on schooling life. Teenage years are very important and these mental issues due to exam stress leave a great impact on them. 

What about them? 

Did you know more than sixteen lakh students write exams for NEET and only three thousand get selected, fifteen lakh ninety-seven thousand students don’t know what to do? We all have a plan after success but no one keeps a backup plan of what if we fail. I believe if there is support and if our society can address this issue, we can easily save these issues before they are out of our hands. 

How to tackle stress? 

Anything with complete mindfulness can help you overcome stress. It can be a nature walk, a game, meditation or something where you can remove your anger like the gym. For dancers, it might be dance, for artists it might be art, for you, it might be what you like for me, it might be what I like. Being organized and well-prepared during exams might reduce your stress and boost your energy and change your view toward exams. But before tackling always remember that chance is never last, it’s always second last.

So next time you feel to give up always remember these beautiful lines by a great poet, Robert Frost “But I have Promises to Keep, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep!”

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