Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Death: The Inevitable Truth

Written By Pooja Jain (Grade 10)

As living beings, we are all cognisant of the fact that no one is immortal on this planet, yet we tend to turn a blind eye to the truth of death. We need to understand that being ignorant of this won’t change the fact that death is the ultimate truth. We need to accept it and not be afraid of it because death is an uninvited guest, and that is the thrill. Live your life to the fullest, for you know that life is transient. Enjoy every moment with everyone instead of keeping antagonism with them because we don’t even realise that we might lose them, and this hatred will be of no use then. That hatred will turn into guilt. We need to learn to forgive people and move on, rather than suffer later.

You see, ephemeral things always please us, but we can’t ignore the truth, can we? Because birth and death are part of life, and death is as common to a human being as birth is, You can’t change the truth, nor can you cry over it, but what you can do is live like it is your last day. What if you start playing it a little risky? Even in the slightest. Smile at people in public, help someone every day, nurture a new hobby, go on adventures, and do what you love. People remember those who share good memories with them and who were kind to them. Remember, no one might really remember what you did before, so do it without being shy, for it is your life and you want to die peacefully.

Death has to come, and it shall come one day, and you will not even realise it. But that doesn’t mean suicide is a good option because many think that they should die when they feel like it, but you need to know that death is supposed to be uninvited; don’t invite it. Work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy a little at every step. Things change with time. We can increase the lifespan of a person with all our advanced medications, but we can’t avoid death. The one who might live forever would not be happy at all. You need to have permanent peace for your soul someday. Along with that, be thankful that you woke up today, because many didn’t even open their eyes today. Be thankful to God for every small thing, because many struggle for that too. When you realise that death is to come one day, you won’t be afraid of it; rather, you will love life and death too.

Lastly, death can be harsh sometimes, but at the end, it is also the ultimate peace. Every life has an expiration date, just that you can’t see it. Enjoy life and click loads of pictures wherever you travel; you will not regret it later. Believe me, when you understand this simple truth that death is not supposed to be taboo, you will automatically love your life like anything else.

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