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Discovering Ourselves through Art

Written by Abhiraj Singh (Grade 7)

“Art enables us to find ourselves and we lose ourselves at the same time” rightly said by Thomas Merton. Art work inspires creative and innovative thinking and takes you on a journey-to places you have never been. It is a medium to express the feeling of love, pain and joy through our own dimensions and the strokes. Without any sort of art we are just hollow whistles.

In the ancient times, even when the primitive men were unable to communicate through any language, they invented the strategy of art work and started engraving and making symbols and quotes reflecting their daily lives and mirroring their minds on the cave wall. Similarly, in our life cycle a toddler begins to scribble here and there before he or she learns the art of language.

I was inspired by art skills during one of my summer camps. Ever since I have been discovering myself through various strokes, coloring patterns, shades and mysterious lines. Since then I have been upgrading myself and trying to explore different art forms like sketching, doodling and cross-hatching. Art is not merely a skill but a way of understanding the world and the societies in which they were created.

Renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas and Picasso have greatly influenced me but if we talk about the contemporary artists then I am very much impressed by Jmarron and Jeff Konns.

God being the best artist presents his art forms everyday and every time, be it morning, daytime, evening and night. His canvas is infinite and we continuously enjoy the beauty of nature all around us. My art helps me to relax and rejuvenate too. It revitalizes and helps me to cope up during the rough phases of my life. I unburden myself through my art and it connects me with the universe.

Featured Image Courtesy – Artwork Archive


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