Friday, July 19, 2024

Diversity in Nature

Written By Vaibhav Krishna (Grade 6)

Nature is very beautiful. It is great and it is vast. We could study for generations, but it continues to amaze us with new facts.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘Nature’? It’s the plants and the trees, the grass and the seas, the animals – big and small, the sunshine and the rain. It comes in many mysterious ways too! It could be your friend, and be inspiring. It could also be your foe, and be destructive.

All these different kinds of things combine to form one, big, beautiful nature. That is why nature is so diverse! All flora and fauna, living and non-living things that occur naturally fall under nature.

Bio Diversity forms the cornerstone to enable a fine balance in our nature. Imagine a bee that keeps buzzing around you when you are trying to relax under a tree in a garden. If this bee population declines, it will impact the plant pollination which in turn will result in the declining flowers and fruits. This will result in certain plant species getting extinct which in turn will impact the animals dependent on these plants & the cascading effect continues.

Each species has a role to play in the web of life and maintain a fine balance. This very bio diversity balance is crucial to curtail climate change and help with the very survival of life forms. Amazon Rain forest is shrinking resulting in depleting natural resources & life forms getting extinct. As the wetlands and forests are shrinking, the propensity of flood and cyclones increases. This is where the beautiful mesmerizing mother nature can change to furious torrential slayer. 

Something a thing of beauty that gives much joy to us can actually be something fierce and mysterious in reality. In 2024 beautiful Northern lights were visible in both North America and Europe from many regions.  This mesmerizing sight was actually due to heightened solar activity and solar flares with heavy radiation geometric storms. The spectacular sunset colors that you see in the sky is actually due to scattering as the sunlight enters the earth atmosphere and interferes with the dust particles, water vapour and pollution in the air.  The more the beautiful vivid hues more the particles and pollution in the air. So indeed Nature can be an enigma for us to contemplate upon.

Now lets Imagine a bright sunny morning when the sun has just risen from the east; the cloud is blue and clear; you can hear the hen’s cock-a-doodle-do; the birds are singing and the cows are mooing. Then suddenly, a loud boom is heard. It is thunder. Dark, grey clouds with cyclone like winds are whistling. It’s getting dark. The sun is hidden by more grey clouds. Torrential rains are suddenly on.  

The scene above proves that nature can be our friend or our foe. Nature can also affect nature, in a good or bad way.

If you’re intrigued by nature’s fascinating style and mysterious and bizarre ways, you’re not alone!

Featured Image Courtesy – EaseMyTrip


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  1. Good read dear Vaibhav, you have covered a lot of things about nature, perspectives shared finds resonance with the most talked about theme today of Climate change and its long lasting impacts on our home planet earth. Yes Nature can be beautiful or dangerous too but it also depends on our awareness and acceptance

    Keep writing more and growing your fan base well done

  2. Such a lovely article and beautiful writing by Vaibhav. Indeed nature can be our friend and also our foe. In fact nature can self destruct and reconstruct. Such a beautiful thought to contemplate upon.


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