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Expanding the way you think, with an app…

Written By Diya Barmecha (Grade 8)

Ever since the creation of the smartphone, life has slowly become easier. We have strayed away from conventional ways to do things and went ahead on a journey of the unexpected. From the way we talk, where we eat and where we should spend time, it all connects back to our smartphone and its applications. These apps are designed in a way to target one aspect of our life and make it easier. One of my favourite apps that I discovered on the app store while I was looking for the Kindle app is called “Blinkist”. 

Since a very young age, I have loved to read books. I have loved to dive into a world of fiction and fantasy. Like most children, I never had the knack for nonfiction books. I could read them if I had to but never enjoying it. In my opinion, most nonfiction books don’t talk about a story, they talk about things to learn from that person. I would have much rather received a list from them instead of an entire book. This is the exact crowd that Blinkist aims to please. They have a selection of hundreds of books that have been reduced into 7-10 pointers. These pointers expand into a short page of description if you want. This allows me to gain knowledge of the book I choose. They allow you to explore like-minded books with their organized interface. There are subjects like psychology, how to grow, economics and many others. 

This app helps you grasp knowledge easily as well as provide you with a great way to learn faster. Each day I open the app and read the 8-point summary and most of the time I will expand the pointers. I would recommend this app to everyone. Regardless of whether you will use this app now, it will definitely help you in the future. You will be able to grasp knowledge and think of questions that you have never thought of before. 

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Diya Barmecha
Diya Barmecha
I am 15 years old and live in Mumbai. I love reading and subjects like math and science because they are logical. I enjoy watching movies and learning more about the world. I like to understand people's opinions on various things.


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