Monday, June 24, 2024

Extended Lockdown In Jharkhand

Written By Anshul Sheth (Grade 8)

Jharkhand, an eastern Indian state, although known for its beauty, its divine temples and elegant waterfalls, has just got its lockdown extended. This is due to the rising cases of the virus in Jharkhand. Unlike the rest of India, which becomes lockdown-free on August 1st, Jharkhand will have its movie theatres, gymnasiums, and other public gathering places closed until further notice. The only areas that will be allowed to open are relaxation areas provided by the government. All of this will come into effect by August 1, 2020.

Imagine. You’re trapped in your house for almost an eternity. Will life get back to normal? From a farmer’s perspective, this extension is the worst news of them all. You can’t sell anything amongst the pandemic, you don’t even have money coming in, and you cant even get out of your city without triggering certain lockdown rules. This essay is not to tell you about how to protect yourselves from the virus or to apply prevention measures; there are plenty of them on the Internet. It is to tell you how fast-paced and overcomplicated life can get in just a matter of days or even hours. This extension is a reminder to ALWAYS have a backup plan.

Featured Image Courtesy – India TV News

Anshul Sheth
Anshul Sheth
Hey, I’m Anshul. I like robotics which is what I’m doing currently from home. I also love playing football and video games with my friends.


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