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Written By Michika Fernandes (Grade 5)

As you all know on 15th August every year, we celebrate our independence from the British rule. India got its independence at 11pm on August 14 ,1947 and gained and became a free country at midnight between August 14 and 15 ,1947.

Do you know what independence means?

It means to be free from and not controlled by other people / country. In simple words it means free-standing, self-contained or freedom. You all might know what’s the meaning of freedom. And everyone has their own opinion so let me share
my opinion of what freedom means to me

To me freedom means:
Fairness – to treat others the way you would treat yourself.
Right to choose – choices to make on your own.
Equal rights – to choose your own opportunities.
Enjoyment – what’s life and freedom without happiness laughter and joy. 
Decisions – good or bad you can decide your own decisions and learn from them.
Opportunities- every day, you have many opportunities to choose from whether you take it or not that is your decision.
Me – to be myself

It means to have the ability to speak and stand up for what’s right, the ability to walk freely the ability to learn. The ability to save our planet, help in the growth of our nation. It means having the right to express my thoughts and feelings freely in every way. It means equal justice irrespective of what cast creed or religion.

It means having peace among people.

Freedom is very important to me as it gives me the opportunity to make many friends by going to parties celebrating festivals, going to school etc. It helps us to know our surroundings, strengthen our bonds with our family by going out, celebrating together, going on vacations together, playing together etc.

As you know some people need some time alone so the most important thing about freedom is to be yourself and to me that means some private time, you get to be yourself no one tells you what to do and what not to do whether you are naughty, stern, mad, happy etc. Private time helps you in many ways but to me the most important is that it helps you to clear your mind and helps you to understand your mistakes during the day or week.

So, as we celebrate our 72nd Independence we should remember and thank all the freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives to bring peace and freedom to our country.

Featured Image Courtesy – Young Muslim Digest

Michika Fernandes
Michika Fernandes
I am Michika Margaret Fernandes and I am 9 years old. I study in Vibgyor High (Airoli) in Grade 5.


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