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Famous Bamboo Dance: Cheraw and Tinikling

Written By Ved Mohta (Grade 4)

The Bamboo Stick dance is a traditional form of dance in many countries such as the Phillippines, China, Hawaii, Vietnam, and India. Amongst the more famous ones are the Cheraw dance and the Tinikling dance.

The Cheraw dance originated in Mizoram around 1st century AD. The dance used to be performed to give solace to the soul of the departed mother who had passed away leaving her baby behind. But later, this dance became a part of all celebrations in Mizoram. The movements of this dance are inspired by nature. The male dancers beat and clap the long bamboo staves rhythmically while the female dancers step in and out of the bamboo sticks accordingly. The dance is done by 6-8 male and female dancers and a similar number of bamboo sticks are used. The female dancers wear a Vakiria which is a female headdress made of bamboo and decorated feathers, beetle wings and other colourful objects. They also wear a Kawrchei which is white, red green black blouse and a Puanchei which is a white red green black sarong. Male dancers wear a Khumbeu, a bamboo hat and they wear a Mizo shawl and black shorts. 

The Tinikling dance is a folk bamboo dance from the Philippines that originated during the Spanish colonial era. It is only bamboo dance that has a Spanish influence. This dance got its name from the Tinikling bird. Field workers used to chase the Tikling bird away from eating their crops. They used to imitate the bird’s steps while chasing it away. Later, it became a dance form. This dance is done with 2 bamboo staves and blocks. It is a couple dance so one male and one female dance together between the Bamboo staves together. Females traditionally wear a dress called Balintawak or Patadyong. Men wear an untucked embroidered shirt called barong tagalog. 

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Ved Mohta
Ved Mohta
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