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Fly Emirates, Fly Better

Written By Keshav Mohta (Grade 8)

Emirates is by far one of the most successful airlines in the industry. With a fantastic in-flight experience, they have led the industry. Having a hub at one of best tourist locations, Dubai, they have been able to produce a profit of $651 million in 2019. I have been able to identify three reasons for this amazing success.

Have you ever seen an Emirates plane which is not an Airbus A380 or a Boeing 777? Emirates has a massive fleet of 247 aircraft which comprise only of these two planes. In fact, Emirates has the largest fleet of A380s with 115 actively flying aircraft. This standardized fleet gives Emirates one of the most consistent flying experiences. Other airlines including Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways, have different types of airplanes, big and small, leading to exceptionally different experiences in-flight. 

As a passenger, whenever you board an Emirates aircraft you always have a set of expectations which have always been met. This consistent on-board product differentiates Emirates from other airlines. This has helped build an image of a consistent and reliable airline which never fails to exceed expectations. The standardized fleet also reduces maintenance costs and pilot-training costs. 

Emirates also has a spectacular on-board product which leaves passengers awe-struck. They have won an exhaustive number of customer service awards and who doesn’t like flying an airline with great customer service. Emirates’ A380 experience is like no other with an on-board bar and a shower for First class. However, what makes the airlines unique is their fantastic Economy class. They have the best Economy class in the world with spacious seats, delectable food and a great selection of movies and shows. Word-of-mouth helps increase the hype and popularity of the Emirates A380 helping them get a lot of new customers. 

What makes all this possible is the wonderful crew on board every Emirates flight. Emirates has the best customer service in this industry with flight attendants who solve every problem and always have a smile on their faces. They have a positive attitude and always try to make the customer happy. This impressive product has created an image which makes people want to fly with Emirates every time.

Last but not least is Dubai, Emirates’ hub. With the recent development of Asia, Dubai is a fantastic location for stopovers. It is almost in the centre of the globe and flights to any place are not too long. Compared to Qantas or Delta, which are based on the two ends of the world; they need to fly at least 10 hours to reach any major airport. In fact, half the world’s population can be reached within 8 hours by plane from Dubai. This location of Dubai has helped shape Emirates’ route portfolio, giving them great reach to the world’s busiest airports. Each year, they announce new flights and steal market share from local airlines allowing them to expand very quickly. Emirates has also invested heavily in making Dubai airport great with luxurious lounges and very little delays, incentivizing people to stopover at Dubai. 

With a streamlined fleet, awesome on-board product and one of the best hubs in the world, Emirates has been able to rise to the top of the airline pyramid very quickly. We can only hope to see what other thresholds this airlines crosses.

Featured Image Courtesy – Emirates

Keshav Mohta
Keshav Mohta
I live in Mumbai, India with my parents. I enjoy coding, robotics, and play the drums. I also write articles and stories. I have written two books which are published and can be found on Amazon and Goodreads. Here is a link to my latest book.


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