Monday, December 4, 2023

Freedom For Me

Written By Nirvan Bhatia (Grade 4)

Freedom means the state to be free,

That is exactly what it means to me.

I am free to do anything I want at any time,

That is when I get my peace of mind.

Freedom is something that is easy to lose,

So you have to be mindful of what you choose.

Just like a vase can’t be mended once broken,

So we should cherish our freedom like it is a token.

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Nirvan Bhatia
Nirvan Bhatia
My name is Nirvan Bhatia, a 9 year old boy. I study in Jankidevi Public School Grade 4 (ICSE). Football and cycling are my favourite sports. I love dogs a lot. I love playing monopoly with my friends. My favourite colour is blue, and my favourite food is pizza. I love my life.


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  1. Wow beta so wisely n with ur intelligent idea you explored freedom it is a strong inclination keep it up wish to see you with many feathers in your cap GBU n wish u all the best


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