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Freedom – The Right To Act or Speak Freely

Written By Ananya Mukherjee (Grade 8)

The dictionary definition of ‘freedom’, is the right to act or speak freely. The ability to change without constraint, and use that privilege to learn, develop and experience every day. Freedom is a right, the absence of necessity. It is the ability to speak your mind, voice your thoughts and do as you please.

The flag that rises, above us – the saffron, white and green… It is as the late Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru once said ‘a flag not only of freedom for ourselves but a symbol of freedom to all the people’. Saffron, a symbol of courage and sacrifice. White, brimming with honesty and the state of peace. Finally, green – the symbol of faith, prosperity and life. Each colour gives a new meaning to us and to our country.

Freedom to me, is life and hope. The constant struggle is no more. What the nation fought for, 74 years ago, has done good. The valiant efforts of our freedom fighters have not gone to waste. As a nation we have fought against all odds to gain our freedom– we have prevailed and will continue to do so. Together we stand, together we grow and together we shall remain.

Freedom is being yourself without a label or boundary to define you. Freedom is being able to choose your own path without being told that it is impossible. Freedom is laughing, crying and expressing yourself without hesitation. Freedom is what we depend on to thrive, make mistakes and learn from them. We live freely, with no constrictions and we evolve freely, with the ability to just be ourselves. That is what freedom means to me.

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Ananya Mukherjee
Ananya Mukherjee
Hi! I'm Ananya Mukherjee, a 13 year old aspiring author. If I go missing, you'll probably find me in the same position I was in - two hours earlier, but with a different book in my hand! I enjoy writing poetry, songs, articles and playing sports.


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  1. Your definition of freedom is very similar to mine. Unfortunately, it seems that the world is moving in a direction of less freedom in all areas of our life. That’s why it’s important that people like you continue to spread the word.


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