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Go with the Flow

Written By Harshikaa Khanna

“Life is like a river; it always flows, either quickly or slowly, and it can change course, but nothing can stop the river from flowing,”  my father used to say. My family lives in a house near the Godavari River in Nashik. My father was a water protector, and he loved his job. Every morning, we would wake up to the sound of water gushing down and the breath-taking view of the Someshwar Waterfall, surrounded by mist.

We were intrigued by the rivers’ flow and direction. I believed that it was powerful and inspirational. Every morning, he would be the first one up, and he would take a walk around the place and enjoy the mist and the sunrise. That day was Father’s Day, and I wanted to spend time with him, so I decided to accompany him on his clean-up drive. 

Mother waved us goodbye, and we set off on our journey, carrying nets, bags, brooms, sweepers, and my excitement. “Be careful; the ground is very slippery here,” he said. The waterfall began to get closer and closer, and we finally reached the point where garbage is collected.

“Put down the broom and come over here to hold the net with me. Now, you have to throw it.” I threw the net in while he was saying those words. “Not now; you have to wait for a minute,” he said.

I was gaping at my father’s face, and when he threw the net into the waters, I did the same.

“Do you know why I am a water protector, Harshikaa?” he said.

“You wanted the world to be a better place to live in?” I replied with doubt. “Well, that is one of the many reasons.” He then pulled up the net, and I was shocked—plastic bottles, wrappers, cans, dirt, and cups filled the net to the brim.

While we opened our net, he spoke again: “The reason I am a water protector is because it is an inspiration, and it symbolises power.”

I was a bit startled by his reply, but I asked, “How are rivers ‘inspiration’ to you?”. “How are they not? Watching a river flow is like getting a glimpse of what life is genuinely about. They remind us about the flow of life and our ability to trust it,” he said.

We switched to the next bag since the bag we were filling with garbage was full. “Do you want to see something magical?” and I nodded. He then hoisted me on his shoulders, and I saw the rocky terrain.

I told him that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and he agreed. “When I first saw it, I was your age, and I had the same reaction. Such beauty, isn’t it? One of the perks of being a water protector is having awesome landscapes. This place was maintained by water protectors like me, and I wanted to make that difference and make this area just as pretty as what you saw.”

From that day on, I went on more adventures with my father around the river and waterfall. He said he loved spending time with me—and the extra pair of hands. Years later, I still remember what he said. It was not only the river that was inspiring, but it was him as well.

“Life is an adventure; you do not know what’s coming next, and you cannot control it either. Rivers flow naturally and change over time, symbolising the passage of time and the unpredictable nature of nature. The winding ways of the rivers do not mean that they back down. They look ahead and leave the path they have already crossed in the dust,” my father used to say.

Water—a colourless, odourless, and transparent liquid—is the elixir of life. That’s how we see water. Water is much more than a liquid; it is powerful. Without this precious resource, life on Earth would cease to exist, and the inspiration in my father and me would die down. 

Featured Image Courtesy – Tripadvisor

Harshikaa Khanna
Harshikaa Khanna
I am an 8-year-old girl who enjoys playing the synthesizer and listening to music. Writing has been a very recent hobby.


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