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Grass as inspiration

Written By Agamya Verma (Grade 5)

Imagine walking in a park on a sunny day. As you stroll, you notice the lush green grass under your feet. Have you ever wondered how grass grows so tall and strong, if it’s stepped on or mowed regularly? Just like us, grass has a remarkable ability to grow and thrive, no matter what challenges it faces. This reminds us that even when things seem tough, we too can grow and succeed if we keep trying, just like the resilient grass.

From the playground to the prairie, grass whispers its tales of resilience and beauty. Let’s listen closely and uncover its inspiring messages.

  • Unity – Grass is a small and simple natural object but it teaches us a lot of things like unity. Our parents and teachers been teaching us to work or live in unity how does grass teaches us? Grass often grows in groups, teaching us the value of working together.
  • Sustainability – Grass is a sustainable resource for grazing animals and can be used for eco-friendly landscaping, encouraging us to find sustainable solutions in our lives.
  • Versatility – Grass is used for various purposes such as sports fields, lawns, and ornamental gardens, demonstrating the importance of versatility and adaptability in our undertakings.
  • Perseverance – Grass keeps growing even when it faces obstacles like foot traffic or drought, teaching us the importance of perseverance.
  • Power of renewal – Grass can quickly recover from being cut or grazed, showing us the power of renewal and starting fresh.
  • Embracing change – Grass goes through seasonal changes, from dormancy in winter to vibrant growth in spring, teaching us about the cycles of life and the importance of embracing change.
  • Down to earth – Grass connects us to the earth and encourages us to stay grounded and rooted in our values and beliefs.
  • Doing our work by ourselves -Grass prepares her own food like we should do our work by ourselves .
  • Having a flexible nature – When a storm comes, big trees break but the grass does not break due to its flexible nature. We should also keep our behaviour flexible.
  • Being patient in growth – Watching grass grow reminds us to be patient and trust in the natural process of growth and development.
  • Accepting challenges – Just like grass, which grows even in challenging conditions, we can learn to persevere and thrive despite hurdles.
  • Simplicity in abundance – Despite its abundance, grass remains humble and unassuming, teaching us the virtue of humility and simplicity in our actions and achievements.
  • Appreciating little things – Grass may seem simple, but it adds beauty to landscapes, reminding us to appreciate the little things.

These were some things that grass teaches us. After this essay we understood that grass teaches resilience, growth, and adaptability. Being humble, yielding, in times of adversity, is being courageous. Grass can also symbolise peace, patience, renewal, being down to earth, flexible nature, tranquility and harmony with nature, inspiring us to seek balance and serenity in our lives.

Featured Image Courtesy – RHS


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