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Harmanpreet Kaur – Trailblazer of Indian Women’s Cricket

Written By Kush Manek (Grade 8)

Harmanpreet Kaur, a trailblazer in women’s cricket has always fascinated me. Being a cricket player myself I have always watched men’s cricket whether it was T20 matches or test matches. However, one day I stumbled on my cousin watching women’s cricket and I was absolutely fascinated watching them play.

Watching a woman lead the team and making the county proud was very inspiring to watch. After the match I decided to research about Harmanpreet Kaur to know about her past life and her journey to leading a women’ team in a male dominated sport. After scrolling through various sites, I found that she was born in the late 90s in a family which enjoyed playing cricket. This situation was in her favor which is why she started playing cricket at a very young age. Despite being a part of a patriarchal society, she gradually rose through the ranks and made her debut in 2009 in the women’s cricket team at the age of 20. Watching her dedication towards cricket inspired me to attend my coaching classes regularly.

I went through different YouTube videos and watched her gameplay. One of the most eye catching gameplay of hers was against Australia in 2017. She played a stunning knock of 171 runs making the team win the semi-finals and guided it towards the finals. I replayed that match on the television making my own sister watch her gameplay. Even though she felt happy to see Harmanpreet play, it did not really leave any impact on my sister because she still did not agree to play cricket with me on Saturday afternoons. Harmanpreet Kaur’s aggressive yet composed batting style partnered with a dominating presence on the field made her a key player both in ODIs and T20s. A life changing moment came in her life in 2016 when she got a chance to showcase her impact globally by signing a contract with the Sydney Thunder, a Big Bash League team. She became the first Indian women to show her gameplay at an International level. Harmanpreet Kaur till date continues to leave an indelible mark in the Indian cricket history, inspiring new generations and contributing significantly to the growth and recognition of women’s cricket in India.

Knowing about Harmanpreet Kaur was inspiring, especially how in a patriarchal society she decided to play a sport dominated by men and inspired other girls to contribute too. Recently she got a two match ban from ICC for smashing the stumps after getting caught in the inning yet her determination has brought her back to the field and she is set to smash centuries for the Indian team.

Featured Image Courtesy – ABP News


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