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Harry Potter by JK Rowling

Written By Vaanya Shukla (Grade 8)

“Creativity takes courage.” Art is something that is expressed from the heart. It requires courage to be showcased as not everyone has the power to turn it into something interesting. One of the most inspiring art forms is literature. The thoughts and emotions of a person can’t always be spoken out loud but can be written down in the form of words. Literature fiction is an art form which captures one’s inner feelings.

An example of such an art is the Harry Potter series by J.k Rowling. These books are considered as one of the finest pieces of modern literature fiction. They are also said to be the cornerstones of our generation. These series have such an impact that it is read by adults as well, even though it was mainly written for children. It has, ever since, encouraged many people to read novels and has also increased the literature sales by 52%.

It is said that J.K Rowling first got the idea for these books while travelling on a train delayed from Manchester to London King’s Cross in 1990. She noted the names of the different houses in Harry Potter namely Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin on the back of an aeroplane sickbag. Later, in 1993, Rowling sent the first three chapters of the first book of the Harry Potter series to various literary agents. One of them replied back, asking her to send the rest chapters of the book.

The storyline of this book revolves around a young boy named Harry who, at a minor age, loses both his parents. He goes through various hardships in life but decides to never give up. The main theme of this book is based on bravery. Harry surely inspires me to be fearless and always put others before oneself. Though he had gone through many difficult phases in his life, he still remained determined to protect his loved ones and that really made me feel ecstatic. On his rough journey to fight the Dark Lord Voldemort, it costs him the lives of the people close to him but he remains ultimately strong through anything.

This book teaches us a lot of life lessons from a very young boy. It also makes us learn what true friendship actually is as we see the friendship bloom between the three main characters – Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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