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Helping the Future: India’s Work on AI for Fair Growth and Inclusion

Written By Nischal Srinivasan (Grade 12)

In a big step to help the world work together on Artificial Intelligence (AI), India’s Prime Minister started an important meeting called Global Partnership on AI Summit. This big event showed that India will be in charge of the group for a year in 2024, highlighting how much they care about being responsible when it comes to AI growth.

The meeting, filled with smart talks and fun things to do, showed how AI can help create a more welcoming future for everyone. The ideas of responsible AI, data control, future jobs and inventions that can be sold gave a full plan for talking and discovering.

The main event at the meeting was showing off a new promise, called ‘New Delhi Declaration.’ This was made by 28 countries together. The European Union agreed with this idea that we must work correctly on AI development. This statement shows the importance of getting benefits from AI while handling dangers, matching a worldwide feeling to keep human respect, rights and democracy.

One of the main topics in Prime Minister’s speech was revealing India’s national AI website. This shows how much our country wants to be a leader in using artificial intelligence technologies. The AIRAWAT project, a cloud computer system, is very important for this effort. NITI Aayog designed Airawat to mix AI into areas like schooling, health care, farming crops and city life. The plan is in line with the government’s goal of making India a leader in AI among growing countries.

The scary idea of deep fake technology, a big worry in the world of computers, came up as an important topic. The Prime Minister rightly worried about using deep fake tech wrongly, stressing the need for good AI behaviour.

In a big step to help young talent in AI, the meeting had YUVAi. This program for young people helps students from grade 8 to 12 get better at using computers and technology skills. Made with help from Intel India, YUVAi wants to teach people about AI. It aims for a new group of designers and users who take humans into account while using this life-changing technology. The winners from the YUVAi project and some startups got to show their AI models or answers at a big meeting. It added new ideas for young people into that event.

The idea of the Prime Minister about including AI in a fair manner was shown clearly. He suggested using AI to make online services easy to use even in local languages, something that could dramatically improve how much people get access and bring together gaps between different groups.

The meeting wasn’t only about official talks; it included many fun side activities like industry discussions, workshops, science meetings and hackathons. There was also a big event for artificial intelligence technology called the Global AI Expo. These events gave people a chance to talk about AI growth. They helped create friendly groups that work together and learn from each other.

When the GPAI Summit ended, people all over the world involved with AI came together. They promised to work on a plan that makes sure artificially smart machines are safe and trustworthy for everyone. The New Delhi Declaration helps guide countries towards a future where AI is created and used the right way, making sure it upholds democracy rules, protects human rights and follows good behaviour.

In the end, India going into world AI action with GPAI Summit is a sign of how much they want to make blog post for helping grow good and fair in future. The focus on doing things right, helping young people and working together across the world reminds everyone of a shared hope for use technology that helps all humans.

Featured Image Courtesy – PM India

Nischal Srinivasan
Nischal Srinivasan
My name is Nischal Srinivasan and I have a great interest in writing poems and articles. I have also published a poem named Resonating Reflections in Amazon Kindle.


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