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How does money work?

Written By Noushin Anjum (Grade 10)

At some point in life, we all have wondered where the money in our hands came from. The first thought is from the bank. Then our thoughts wander to the notes being received by some rich person who paid it as a salary to his employees, then the employees used it on some shop, then the shopkeeper used it to give us some change. The money never stays constant; it keeps on moving around with no destination from one hand to another hand.

Without money, it is impossible to live a healthy and happy life, no matter how much anyone says that money cannot buy happiness, but having extra money never makes anyone unhappy. Although one should never prioritize money over everything else. If one chases money, it never comes to them, rather one has to prioritize what they like to do, if it is in their fate, definitely, the money will come to them. We all have some ideas about how the transaction of money works. One has to pay to buy something. Nothing is free in this world. We all have to take a big risk to earn a big amount of money. A smart entrepreneur never stops investing in the fields they think has the potential to earn profits. For example, a social media platform earns money through the amount of time one spends on it, an officer earns money by hard work, by gaining promotion, a fisherman earns money by selling fishes, a student earns money by studying hard and getting pocket money, and there are countless others.

Money is a strong material. It has the capabilities to even buy humans and their honesty. Almost nothing is impossible in this world with the help of money. If someone has enough money, they can travel to space as they see fit. And if someone does not have adequate money to afford accommodation, they have to sleep on the streets, which is the harsh reality. But the ones that have to sleep on the street, I believe that it is their own doing, they did not work hard enough to protect their spots and did not stand up for themselves even if society wronged them. To earn money and power, one has to have that drive and determination. Of course, there are going to be people who are born with silver spoons in their mouth, but one has to work hard enough to make sure that their next-generation can have a golden spoon. The investment of money only works for those who are willing to climb mountains through rain and storm for getting it.

Money is like an addicting flowing waterway. Whenever it is in our hands, we want to keep spending it. But we should keep in mind that everything has a limit; even money is not unlimited and anything can happen anytime. A rich entrepreneur can go bankrupt overnight, but a smart entrepreneur will always have a backup plan. Having some real estate will never be a loss to anyone as it can be used as a last resort of income. That is why one should try buying an apartment or building to ensure a stable for oneself and their families, in case of money ever slipping out of their hands. Therefore, you should always keep an eye out for a person who owns a lot of wealth because they can buy everything that you possess, and instead of dreaming of a platinum credit card, you should grab whatever you need to earn that dream of yours and start working right now.

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Noushin Anjum
Noushin Anjum
I'm a sixteen-year-old high schooler from a normal family who loves writing and reading and wants the world to know of her messages.


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