Tuesday, June 6, 2023

How The Lockdown Affects Local Businesses?

Written By Anshul Sheth (Grade 8)

Local businesses have run down. Their state is so bad as they don’t have a fixed income. They either make a profit or they don’t. Lockdown has been a HUGE hit to us all, but it has affected self employers and local stores much more. For example, the fitness industry has taken an enormous hit. Gymnasiums have always been swarming with huge crowds, but after the announcement of the lockdown, these gyms have been bare empty. Even the landlords decide that they don’t want to rent anything to anyone. And we can’t blame them for being cautious. What we CAN do is help. Landlords can at least try to be lenient with the rent checks. Another thing we can do is DONATE. The least that can be done by us while sitting at our homes is to donate to the Covid-19 relief workers. Better equipment, restocking of hospital beds and paying for the treatment of those who cannot afford it themselves. 

But aside this heartbreaking news, India has crossed the one million mark for recovered patients!

Featured Image Courtesy – Al Jazeera